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Our Baby
Lullaby Toy

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Lully is a baby lullaby toy that sings 23 calming songs, no breaks interrupt this magical musical journey. Including You are my Sunshine, You are so Beautiful, Hushabye Mountain, When you wish upon a star and many more! For bedtime, quiet time or simply relaxing. Music is extremely important as a means of relaxing both parents and child and for developing and learning. Routines and rituals help babies and toddlers make sense of their world and predict what comes next. Listening to Lully's lullaby music at the end of the day signals to babies and toddlers that it is time for bed. They will also learn a musical self-soothing technique. ​A lullaby toy help establish routines, such as bedtime and bath time and acts as an indication of what comes next. Listening to the same music at the end of the day signals to babies and toddlers that it’s time for bed.

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The Science behind our Lullaby Bear

A major part of happy, healthy baby development is quiet time before bed. It’s the perfect time to play music that is simple and repetitive, and close to the sounds the baby is first used to hearing in the womb: mother’s voice and heartbeat. This creates a comfortable environment for the baby, and will help soothe the baby to sleep. Lullabies help to soothe babies and toddlers, comforting them in a confusing world and enabling sleep. Lullabies have featured in every culture and every historical period, an oral tradition passed down by mothers since the dawn of man. Lullabies provide a sedative like effect as they promote order in a world of noise and light, a world apart from the calming environment of the womb. In fact the slow and steady tempos replicate the mother's heartbeat. The scientific evidence for the positive impact of lullabies is very strong, most recently highlighted by a study on premature babies, with music played at an early stage having a dramatic impact on the chance of developing learning or emotional difficulties. Lullabies are truly the perfect sleep aid to calm your infant. A lullaby establishes a soothing correlation between an infant’s physiology, its state of mind, and the outside world. As soon as a lullaby begins, a soothing sense of order infuses the infantile consciousness. The swaying rhythm is close to its own heartbeat, and the quiet melodious sounds a relief from the world’s usual racket; the simple, repeating melody is also a source of comfort. Archaeological evidence suggests that parents have used lullabies to soothe their young for at least 4,000 years. Despite the general assumption that lullabies help babies relax, it wasn't until fairly recently that scientists began to understand exactly why these gentle tunes are so effective. Modern research methods have found that lullabies do much more than help baby sleep. These songs actually create a physiological response in the body, which can have far-reaching effects on health and wellness. One simple explanation is that lullabies feature a triple meter, or 6/8 time. This gives the song a rocking or swaying rhythm, closely matching the movements the foetus experienced while in the womb. By recreating this womb experience through song, music can comfort a child and soothe him or her off to sleep.

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Lully, In Harmony with your child, every day and night.

Favourite sleeping companion

We were lucky enough to trial the first ever Lully with my (at the time) 6 month old Daughter, Norah. It was just a matter of weeks before Norah began to sleep for at least 6 hours each night. Norah is 3 now and Lully is still her favourite sleeping companion.


Lauren- Stoke

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