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Lully is the unique creation of mother and musician Jane Stewart. She was born prematurely at 1lb 15oz. Her parents were told, that if she survived, not to expect too much from her. From an early age she found music helped to relieve stress and a life in show business began when she was sent to dancing classes to strengthen her limbs. As a mother herself she could see the power of music with her own son, David. Like so many mothers she found her soothing lullabies helped to calm him. The challenge she had was when she left the room. She struggled to find high quality, live-recorded lullaby music and the ones Jane did find all had pauses between the songs, so the soothing magic was broken and David would stir. So drawing on her years of experience as a stage and screen performer, and signed a contract with Universal Music and Marks and Spencer to create her own CD. She wanted to make effective soothing music and lullabies available to other families, babies and toddlers. Jane has evolved her lullaby CD concept into Lully – a unique singing teddy offering 23 timeless lullabies and an uninterrupted hour of soothing music to calm babies. Lullabies are classic and so are teddy bears, which is the reason for Lully’s classic teddy bear design. Lully’s tracklist features live-recorded songs each licensed to be played in full with best-loved classics including ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’, ‘You Are My Sunshine’ and ‘Over the Rainbow’. Like childhood memories, Lully is a keepsake which can be gifted and passed on. Lully Bear, in harmony with your child, everyday and every night

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In memory of my adored brother Mark and my wise and wonderful father. You are in my thoughts every day. Thank you to my husband for his incredible love and friendship and my gorgeous children David and Kate, who have enriched my life and made me complete. Thank you to my inspirational mother Stella, my beautiful sister Charlotte and her wonderful family.

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A Bedtime story


Once upon a time there was a little girl called Jane and her favourite teddy was called Lully. Every night Jane would snuggle in bed and Lully would sing her to sleep.

She took him everywhere....... but one day her Grandma and Grandpa took her out for lunch and she lost Lully. That night Jane went into her bedroom, opened her curtains and looked into the dark night sky. A bright and beautiful star appeared in the distance. She remembered the little stars on Lully’s pyjamas. ‘I wish Lully would come back’ she thought.

Many years later, Jane heard a little tap on her bedroom window, and there in the distance was that bright and sparkling star. She could also hear soft and gentle music. Then through the window she saw Lully looking back at her, wearing the same little pyjamas she remembered from all those years ago. “Where have you been?” Jane asked her little bear. Lully took her hand gently and said, “I have been sitting on a star watching you grow up. I missed you”. They hugged each other very tight.


Jane Stewart & Lily Pollard

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