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1. Lift up the back of my pyjamas and open the seam at the back. Inside you will see a little box with an on/off switch. Move the switch to on.

2. I will start singing if you press my left paw. To stop me singing, press my left paw again. If you stop me singing, I will
pause and stay on the same song for 3 minutes. If it is any longer I will go back to the beginning and sing for another hour.


3. If you would like me to sing louder click on the moon.

4. If you would like me to sing more quietly click on the star.

5. I will sing to you for an hour. Any longer I get a sore throat! I will then stop automatically.

6. Turn the little box to off after I have sung to you for an hour, as this will really save my batteries.

7. Most importantly please give me lots of love and cuddles.

Requires x 3 AA batteries - included within the packaging. Batteries should be inserted into the toy by an adult. Inserting batteries requires a screwdriver. Keep batteries away from children.
Position product away from children under 12 months

Warning! when fitting item to a cot: to prevent possible injury by entanglement, remove this toy when the child starts trying to get up on its hands and knees in a crawling position. Conforms to all required safety standards Sleep aid from birth

For babies under 12 months, do not leave with a baby unattended/do not leave in cot. The bear should be positioned out of reach of child. Remove all packaging before giving to a child. Please make a note of our address and retain this information for future reference.

Product number: ZXSM066

Lully Ltd, 5 Netherwood Road, London W14 0BL

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