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Transforming The Sleep Aid Market Via The Timeless Power Of Lullabies

Lully is an innovative new sleep and relaxation aid created by musician and mother, Jane Stewart. Designed and developed in the UK, the Lully bear is a soft, premium-quality teddy bear that draws on 4000 years of parenting wisdom and recognises the transformative role of the human voice and calming song to soothe babies and children. Lully is the only musical teddy bear to sing 23 live-recorded lullabies, providing an uninterrupted hour of calming music for quiet time, bedtime and relaxation.

Lully is unique in its track-list of 23 timeless songs, each licensed to be played in full and featuring best-loved classics including ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’, ‘You Are My Sunshine’, ‘Any Dream Will Do’ and ‘Over the Rainbow’. Lully combines the softness of human vocals with live-recorded instruments to foster a lifelong love of music and help establish positive relaxation and bedtime routines that last.

Lully is designed to grow and adapt to your child’s needs. Working as a gentle sleep aid in the early months, this soft, soothing bear calms both at bedtime and on-the-go, acting as a valuable companion on journeys or in unfamiliar environments. Lully includes full care and usage instructions that fully comply with EU standards and align with NHS guidance on safe sleeping, plus every Lully Bear comes beautifully boxed with a personalised certificate making it the perfect newborn, christening or celebration gift.

Founder and creator: Jane Stewart says: “The inspiration for Lully was born via my own experiences as a mum and the challenges of soothing my children at bedtime and quiet time. Like all children, they loved it when I sang lullabies, but the ‘soothing spell’ was broken the moment I stopped. My background as a musician and performer provided the building blocks to help develop a solution. First, I created a best-selling CD of lullabies for Marks & Spencer, and now after many years work, I have created the Lully bear – a beautiful soft teddy-bear that harness all the therapeutic benefits of music to promote relaxation and restful sleep, nurturing your child’s wellbeing as they grow.”

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