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1. Tomorrow
Composers / Writers: Charnin, Martin (A) Strouse,
Charles (C). Publisher: Warner/Chappell Music Ltd
2. Any Dream Will Do
Composers /Writers: Andrew Lloyd Webber./ Tim Rice
Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Ltd
3. Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Composers / Writers: Fabian Andre / Gus Kahn
/ Wilbur Schwandt. Publisher: Emi Music Publishing Ltd
4. All I Have To Do Is Dream
Composer/Writer: Boudleaux Bryant
Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd
5. You Are My Sunshine
Composer / Writer: Davis. Publisher: Peermusic
6. What A Wonderful World
Composers / Writers: Weiss / Thiele
Publishers: Imagem & Carlin
7. Over The Rainbow
Composers / Writers: Harold Arlen /
E Harburg. Publisher: Emi Music Publishing Ltd
8. I Can Sing A Rainbow
Composer / Writer: Arthur Hamilton. Public Domain
9. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Composer / Writer: Jane Taylor. Public Domain
10. Rock-A-Bye Baby
First appeared in Mother Goose’s Melody/
John Newberry 1765. Public Domain
11. Inchworm
Composer / Writer: Loesser. Publisher: MPL UK
12. Mother Earth & Father Time
Composers / Writers: Robert Sherman
/ Richard Sherman
Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd
13. Bedtime Lullaby
Composers / Writers: Keiles /Thirkell
Publisher: Willow Songs
14. Halfway Up The Stairs
Composer / Writers: Fraser-Simson,
Harold (C)/ Milne, A. A. (A)
Publisher: Warner/Chappell Music Ltd
15. Dreaming
Composer / Writer: David Stewart
Publisher: Carlin
16. My Favourite Things
Composers / Writers: Rodgers / Hammerstein
Publisher: Imagem
17. Catch A Falling Star
Composers /Writers: Pockriss / Vance
Publisher: Campbell Connelly & Co Ltd
18. When You Wish Upon A Star
Words by Ned Washington Music by
Leigh Harline ©Copyright Bourne Co (USA)
All rights for the UK administered by Bourne Music Ltd.
Copyright renewed International Copyright secured.
Used by Permission.
19. Brahms Lullaby
Composer / Writer: Johannes Brahms
Public Domain
20. You Are So Beautiful
Composers / Writers: Bruce Carleton Fisher,
Billy Preston. Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Ltd
21. Hushabye Mountain
Composers / Writers: Richard M. Sherman/Robert
Sherman. Publisher: Emi Music Publishing Ltd
22. Angels On Your Pillow
Composers / Writers: Paul William Roger Horner /
Peggy Lee. Publishers: Cypress Tree Music / Universal
Music Publishing MGB Ltd
23. I Watch You Sleeping
Composer / Writer: Mike Batt
Publisher: Sony /ATV Music Publishing Ltd

Lully has been conceived and sung by Jane Stewart

© 2018 Lully ltd

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