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Lully In The News!

Lully has been winning a series of rave reviews in the media with a series of high profile websites and blogs recommending our own musical bear. In this blog we’ve rounded up the best of Lully in the news.

Lully was recently a finalist in the prestigious MadeForMums Toy Awards. Lully was shortlisted in the ‘Best Toy to Help Your Baby Sleep’ category. Netmums is one of the most influential sites aimed at parents and we were delighted to receive recognition as one of their ‘best products to get your children sleeping through the night’. Meanwhile Lully’s ability to soothe young children on long journeys was highlighted in LifeasMrsD: ‘A lovely teddy for your child to fall in love with… It’s great for keeping them company on long journeys, and for soothing the little ones when they’re on holiday in a new environment.’

Popular blog Bizzimummy described Lully as ‘a great gift, comforter and friend to babies and young children.’ Meanwhile a reviewer for Beauties & The Bibs said: “It’s really made a huge difference. Sleep is so important to be able to function properly not just for children but for adults . I have had more sleep in the last week then I have in a long time and this is thanks to Lully.”

Scrapbook Blog also recommended Lully to readers. According to the review: ‘He complies with the NHS safe sleeping guidelines too and I think will help many a parent to settle their baby without losing their voice from singing their child to sleep!’ Mummy and me magazine featured Lully in its Recommended Product in Christmas Gift Guide: ‘Baby’s First Christmas’. Lully was also featured in the popular blog Stressed Mums Christmas gift guide. Lully has also been featured in gift guides in other titles including Coffee, Cakes and Kids, Even Angels Fall, Beauties & The Bibs and Female First.

Our founder Jane Stewart has also been featured in a series of high profile interviews including Business Matters magazine, and Business Quarterly. See for yourself what the hype is all about and order your own Lully Bear.


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