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Twelve Reasons Lully Makes The Ideal Christmas Gift

With December upon us, Christmas trees up, we wanted to look at twelve reasons why Lully makes the perfect gift for your little one and you!

1) Lully can help your child organise sound. It has been proven that music helps young minds organise sound, meaning it is the perfect calming routine for your child. Lully sings 23 calming songs that will help them to unwind after confusing early days for developing young minds.

2) It aids sleep for your little one: Music has the power to help children drift off to sleep. After a long day, hearing and seeing the bear will be the last thing your little one experiences and will be the familiar queue to enable them to drift off into the land of nod.

2) It will help your sleep: With your little one less likely to be disturbed at night, it means you can catch up on some well earned shut eye! After all you need to be as fresh as possible for the unpredictable nature of life with a baby or toddler. Lully can offer the gift of sleep to all.

3) Lully is premium quality: Lully is the result of years of planning and as such is a premium product that is built to last, rather than a disposable gift that will be forgotten in a few months.

4) Lully offers an introduction to a life-long love affair: Lully can be your baby’s first introduction to music. Hearing the familiar refrain can help develop your child’s musical ear and develop a wider appreciation of music, a life-long love affair.

5) There are no pauses interrupting the musical journey: Lully sings without pause for an hour. This was something founder Jane was really keen to ensure, having seen her children wake up during pauses in songs that she played them on CDs.

6) Lully offers unrivalled access to high quality songs recorded live: Lully has exclusive rights to sing some of the world’s favourite lullabies. Lully’s tracklist features live-recorded songs each licensed to be played in full with best-loved classics including ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’, ‘You Are My Sunshine’ and ‘Over the Rainbow’. These are songs parents and grandparents will also know and love.

7) It has been highly recommended by media and influencers: We have seen a host of positive reviews and features since Lully launched into the market. This has included leading parenting sites like NetMums, Baby Magazine and Made For Mums with Lully even shortlisted for a prestigious award!

8) It has been created with love by a founder who understands: Our founder Jane Stewart was born prematurely and from an early age found music helped to calm her and create sense of her world. She also saw the power of music when she soothed her children by singing lullabies. This inspired her to first develop a best-selling CD for babies and young children, and then she lovingly created Lully.

9) The batteries last a really long time: Unlike many gimmicky toys that see batteries drained very quickly, Lully can last several months without needing to have its batteries replaced.

10) A Lully is for life not just for Christmas Many products on the market focus on white noise and work effectively for the first few months of a baby’s life. However Lully does not have such a limited lifespan and can act as a companion throughout childhood and beyond!

11) Lully makes the perfect travel companion: With music originally curated for a CD, Lully is also great on longer journeys. As well as being a comforting companion to help tackle boredom while in a car or train seat, Lully’s songs can also help to reduce stress. Live recorded and varied music is also something less likely to cause parents to go crazy.

12) Lully is a bear: Teddy bears have been shown to have a positive developmental impact on children, helping to reduce anxiety as well as strengthen their ability to express themselves. Lully can be that bear that they never forget.


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